Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mystery Photograph 077

This mystery photograph was recently given to me by an aunt on my McFadden line and it is one of the few family photographs that actually has something written on the back, unfortunately, it includes two names of who it might be.

I think this is Clara Gross or it is Harriet Wagner.  Dan
The note was written by Daniel O'Connell McFadden (1900-1996) the brother of my grandmother Ruth McFadden Webb (1905-1985)
Clara Madeline (Schildhauer) Gross (1895-1989) was my mother's second cousin. So far I have not come across the name Harriet Wagner in my research so she could be a family member or a friend or acquaintance.  

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mystery Photograph

My Aunt recently gave me some more family photos and here is another one that goes into the unknown pile.  On the back "Dennis" is written. The only Dennis I am aware of is Dennis McFadden (1847-1924). Based on the clothing I guess this was taken sometime during the 1920's. By that time Dennis was an old man grey hair and a mustache.  I've compared photographs of the older Dennis with his wife Elizabeth Neuland (1866-1949), and they do not seem to be the same people.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Back from the Forbidden Zone

It has been a while since I've last posted, but to make a long story short, I needed a bit of a hiatus.

Now I don't usually do New Year resolutions, but with this year I do have some goals in mind that are doable.

1. Finally take a research trip to Arkansas and Louisiana and try to find any record on what happened to Celia Autrey Sample (1859-1907).  I believe I have a good circumstantial case that she is my great grandmother, but I'd still like to find one more good piece of evidence. Also, I'd like to find out about her death and where it occurred.

2. According to family stories Edward Vincent McFadden (1889-1977) had a wife before he married Mary A. Curley between 1940 and 1942. So far I have found nothing that indicates he had and earlier marriage.

3. I do plan to work more on my writing this year and hopefully will have something publishable at some point. I have notes, timelines and sketches written down but now want to put them together into an interesting narrative or case study.

4. I'm debating on attending the NGS conference in Florida this year. I plan on deciding within the next week or so. It would be helpful to network since I want to get out of my comfort zone and start taking clients.

5. I will also re-start my effort to become a certified genealogist. In a previous life I was not supported in this endeavor. But as Oswald Cobblepot once said to The Batman, "things change" so now I can tackle things I had put on the back burner.

6. I do plan to be more active with posts on here. It will be good practice for my writing.

I feel 2016 is going to be a very good year.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

52 Ancestors- Week 17- John McFadden (?-1863)

John McFadden is possibly the brother of my great grandfather Dennis Cornelius McFadden (1847-1924).  Family legend has it that they left Ireland during the Potato Famine but so far I have been unable to determine exactly when they left Ireland and where in the US they arrived.  It appears they settled in Ohio and there is one promising family that I have been looking into.
Both brothers enlisted in the army at the start of the Civil War  in Ohio and fought for the Union.  There is a John McFadden who served in Company K, 36th Ohio Infantry.  This John was wounded at the battle of Mission Ridge, Tennessee on 25 November 1863 and died on the 26.  He is buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery in Tennessee. 
A widows pension was filled out by Johns parents, Edward and Alice McFadden.  Alice applied on 29 December 1874 and Edward filed on 25 March 1887.  So far the pension file has not been located in the FamilySearch, or Fold3 databases.  My next step is to contact the NARA.  Hopefully I will have better luck getting his pension files than I did with the file for his brother Dennis. 
The names of Edward and Alice do appear on Dennis McFadden's death certificate from 1924. 
And Edward Vincent McFadden, son of Dennis, stated that his father lived in the state of Ohio for a time on his passport application in 1919.
Both John and Dennis appear in the 1860 census for Vinton County, Ohio with their presumed parents Edward and Alice. 

Edward and Alice also appear in the 1870 census for Vinton County, Ohio.
I believe that Edward and Alice from the 1860 and 1870 censuses are the same, but I have yet to find anything that indicates they are indeed the parents of the John and Dennis I am researching. 
So far, I have been unable to locate any additional information on Edward and Alice after the pension application.  My next steps will be to look for probate and tax records in Vinton County.  Also, I plan to search local newspapers and hopefully find an obituary or some other bits of information.








Wednesday, August 6, 2014

1927 gas tank explosion-Pittsburgh, PA

I was going through a few more pages of my great grandmother's (Elizabeth "Lizzie" Neuland McFadden, 1866-1949), diary and I came across this entry:

Pittsburgh      Monday 14, 1927
A gas tank explosion about 20 minutes to 9.  Lots of damage done and people killed.  The whole city shook, glass broke every where.  Our house shook.  I didn't know what had happened.  I was in laundry washing.

In 1920 they lived just across the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh on Amabell Street.  If they didn't live at the same address in 1927, it was the same general area.  By 1930 Lizzie and my grandmother, Ruth (1905-1985) were living in Maryland with her son Cornelius P. McFadden (1903-1977)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

52 Ancestors- Week 13-Edward McFadden

Blogger Amy Johnson Crow has created a challenge, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Each week the object is to post about a specific ancestor.

I have been bad about posting lately, but hopefully can get going on this again.

Also, apparently I skipped #13.
Edward McFadden (?-?)

Edward McFadden is the father of my maternal great grandfather Dennis Cornelius McFadden.  His wife was Alice Collum and both are believed to have been born in Ireland.
This is pretty much all that is known about Edward. 
There are two family legends concerning Edward and the McFadden family and how they came to America. 

One story has it that Edward died during the potato famine in Ireland.  Alice was no longer able to care for the children, so Dennis and his brother John walked to one of the Irish ports and sailed for America.  After arriving they settled in Ohio with a sister who possibly married a Ferry.
The second story indicates that Edward and Alice at some point immigrated to America and settled in Ohio.  It is unknown if Dennis and John came with their parents or if family members came over at different times.
Possible candidates for Edward and Alice McFadden show up in the 1860 US Census for Clinton, Vinton County, Ohio.  So far, I have been unable to prove or disprove if this is the correct family.
Edward McFadden - 56 - day laborer - (birthplace) Ireland
Alice - 56 - (birthplace) Ireland
John - 18 - day laborer - (birthplace) Ireland
Dennis -16 - day laborer - (birthplace) Ireland
Peter McAndre - 30 - day laborer - (birthplace) Ireland 
William Ocallaghan - 38 - teacher - - (birthplace) Ireland
Edward and Alice are next mentioned on Application and Statement for Marriage License for Dennis and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Neuland in 1886.
The parents of Dennis are not named but are listed as "residents of the State of Ohio"
In 1919 Edward Vincent McFadden (1889-1977) a son of Dennis and Elizabeth applied for a passport to travel to Europe after World War I.  In it, he lists the places his father had lived up to that point. It also says that he immigrated to the US in 1852.
States Dennis had live in the US for 67 uninterrupted years at "Coal Center, Roscoe, Monongahela & Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania).   Also lived in State of Ohio."

Finally, the death certificate for Dennis, names his parents as Edward McFadden and Alice Collum.  Both are also said to have been born in Ireland.  The informant was Cornelius McFadden (1903-1977), ninth child of Dennis and Elizabeth.

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania-1924

So far, I have been unable to locate any possible candidates Edward, Alice or Dennis in the immigration records. I'm hoping if I can focus on Ohio, something may turn up.


1860 U.S. census, Vinton County, Ohio, population schedule, Clinton Township, p. 63 (penned), dwelling 453, family 441, Edward McFadden; digital image, ( : accessed 5 February 2013); citing National Archives Microfilm publication M635 roll 1046.
Washington County, Pennsylvania, “marriage license no. 133,” Dennis McFadden-Lizzie Newland, 18 February 1886; digital images,  Family Search ( : accessed 8 February 2013).; Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, death certificate no. 11973 (1924), Dennis C. McFadden; Department of Health, Pennsylvania

Edward  V. McFadden passport application, 10 April 1919; U.S. Passport Applications, 1979-1915; General Records of the Department of State, Record Group; National Archives, Washington, D.C.
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, death certificate no. 11973 (1924), Dennis C. McFadden; Department of Health, Pennsylvania.

Monday, June 2, 2014

52 Ancestors- Week 16-Otto Schildhauer

 Blogger Amy Johnson Crow has created a challenge, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Each week the object is to post about a specific ancestor.

Otto Schildhauer was my maternal 2nd cousin once removed.  While researching some collateral family members, I have come across a few individuals that I have been able to locate quite a bit about with minimal research time and effort.

One of these individuals is Otto Schildhauer (1898-1959).  I have been able to find a pretty good summary of his life just searching newspapers.   

Also, when people talk about the lack of privacy these days, I like to bring old newpapers up.  It's a good illustration that social networks really aren't a new idea.  It's only the technology that has changed.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, 7 June 1898

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Schildhauer of Buckingham street, a twelve-pound baby boy.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, 12 Jan 1900

The little child of Mr. Herman Schildhauer is quite sick at 349 Buckingham street.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, 23 Feb 1901

Otto, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schildhauer is very sick at the home on Buckingham street.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, 27 June 1901

Otto, thee little son of Mr. Herman Schildhauer, the well known B & O machinist residing at 348 Buckingham street started to the well a morning or two ago, with a cup for the purpose of getting a drink of water.  As he was going to the well he slipped and fell cutting his arm entirely across the left wrist.  The wound had to be sewed up, but the little fellow is doing well as could be expected at this writing.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 26 Nov 1926

Another Massillonian is making a name for himself in movie circles.  He is Otto Schildhauer, son of Mrs. M Schildhauer of 1218 Wellman street.  Mr. Schildhauer has been successful on Hollywood as a technical director.
An Article in a Hollywood newspaper says:
Otto Schildhauer, well known technical director, whose services have been so much in demand of late due to his able ability and originality in set designing, left for Honolulu, where he will be on location for the next four months with the West Coast Picture corporation.
"Lately Mr. Schildhauer has been doing designing for some of the larger theaters on the coast and his work has attracted the attention of a great many of the larger picture corporations.  The West Coast corporation is indeed fortunate in having Mr. schildhauer working under its banner.
"During his four months stay in Honolulu, the management of his two cake shops will be in charge of Mrs. Lucille Holder who has been managing the store in Western Avenue.
Mr. Schildhauer went to Hollywood two years ago. 

So far, I have not located any titles of movies he may have been involved with. 

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 16 Jun 1931

Mrs. Schildhauer, of State Ave. NE, returned Sunday from Hollywood, where she spend the past year with her son, Otto Schildhauer.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 9 Dec 1936

Miss Mae Breninghouse who has been spending three months with Mr. and Mrs. William Casack of 1st st. ext... NE, left Tuesday morning for her home in Hollywood, Cal., accompanied by Mrs. Margaret Schildhauer, of State ave. NE, who will be the guest of her son Otto Schildhauer.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 25 Feb 1936

Otto Schildhauer of Hollywood, Cal. formerly of Massillon, arrived Sunday evening, having been called here by the serious illness of his sister, Mrs. Glenn H. Krishner, of 313 State ave, NE.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 9 Jan 1940
Mrs. Margaret Schildhauer, of State ave, NE and Miss Mae Breninghouse of 1st st, NE ext. left today to spend the remainder of the winter in Hollywood, Cal.  Mrs. Schildhauer will be a guest of her son, Otto Schildhauer while there.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 26 Jun 1940

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Drouhard and daughter, Pauline, of 2nd st. SW, and Mrs. H. Schildhauer of State ave, NE will leave Thursday at noon by motor for a two months trip to Hollywood, Cal, where the will visit Mrs. Schildhauer's son Otto Schildhauer, formerly of Massillon.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 2 Jul 1959

Otto B. Schildhauer, 61 of 4933 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, Cal., former Massillon resident died at 2:05 am today in the Massillon city hospical where he was admitted May 18.
A Native of Newark, O, Mr. Schildhauer came to Massillon at the age of 12 years and formerly attended St. Joseph's parochial school.  Since 1925 he had lived in Hollywood where he owned and operated The Food Shop.
Mr. Schildhauer is survived by his mother, Mrs. Margaret Schildhauer, who made her home with  him in Hollywood and two sisters Mrs. Ernest Gross and Mrs. Glen Krisher of Massillon.
The funeral will be held Saturday at 9 am in St. Mary's Catholic church.  Internment will be made in the parish cemetery.
Friends may call at the Gordon Shaidnagle-Hollinger funeral home Friday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm
The Rosary will be prayed Friday at 7 pm at the funeral home.