Monday, August 29, 2016

Another photo with an old car

Clyde Lee Webb (1898-1987) and Ruth Eileen McFadden (1905-1985).

The license plate is a little blurry, but it looks like it reads Ohio-1937. They were married in November 1937.

Ruth had some cousins in Stark County, Ohio, so I am guessing this may be one of their cars. I'll have to see if Ohio has license plate records from back then.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mystery Photos UN0001 & UN0002 *updated 8/8/16

 I found this unknown photograph in a chest that belonged to my grandmother that included items from her and my grandfather's families. I want to say it is from the late 30s to the early 40s but that really is just a wild guess.

My grandmothers family was from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and my grandfather grew up around Little Rock, Arkansas. From what I know of both places the landscape doesn't match either.

To me she doesn't resemble anyone from either side of the family.

I tried looking through some fashion sites and books but haven't found anything that would indicate the time period for what she is wearing. The skirt does seem awfully short to me for being from the 30s or 40s.
I'm currently scanning all the photographs and documents that I have. I just found this second picture of the woman, car and this time a man with her. In the first photo you can see a man wearing a tie behind the car through the window. It seems likely it's the same man. Again he doesn't really resemble anyone I've seen or know of so far.

You can also see what looks like a church in the background. I'm currently looking through the photos to see if there are any other images with that building included.

I am able to get a good view of the license plate.  N. J. 1904     A7922.  I'll need to look into how long plates were kept on cars back then and see if the registration information still exists.

Of the living family members I've been able to ask, no one recognizes them.To date this is still a big mystery.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mystery Photo UN025 and time to get organized

Here is another unknown photograph that was in my maternal grandmothers house then got sent with my aunt. It has 3 adults and 4 children standing outside of a house.
Unfortunately, I do not know if it is my grandmothers (Ruth Eileen McFadden 1905-1985) or grandfathers (Clyde Lee Webb 1898-1987) side of the family. The people in the photo do not bear any resemblance to any other photographs that I have gone through.
The house does look similar to some of the houses my grandmother was pictured in front of in the 1920s in the Pittsburgh, PA area.
Also, it is time for me to get these photographs better organized. I have an old scanner that as far as I can tell won't let me scan them as tiff files or set the DPI. I plan to look for a higher quality scanner this weekend. It will also let me combine duplicates and compare photos that are labeled with similar photos that are not.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

J. McFadden (1844-1863)

Co K 36th Ohio. Killed at the battle of Mission Ridge, Tenn., Nov. 25, 1863. -Ohio Roster Roll of Honor.

John McFadden (abt  1844-1863)

I recently received the pension file filled out by his parents after his death and all the names, dates and locations do add up so I am as certain as can be that this is the brother of my great grandfather Dennis McFadden (1847-1924).

Unfortunately I do not have any photographs of my known ancestors in their military uniforms.  According to the pension file filled out by John's parents, after his death their house burned and with it all photographs, letters and the like.  They should have, as I have to remind myself, back things up on an external hard drive and store it at another location!

I do have a few pictures of Navy seamen and a soldier from the WWI area but so far I haven't been able to identify them.

Mystery Photo MP001

This is most likely the oldest photograph in my collection. It is a tintype and to me it appears to be around the 1880s. I have no idea who it is, if he is a family member or if he is part of my maternal grandmother or grandfather's line. He features also don't resemble anyone I know of.

The only other tintype in my collection is of my maternal great grandmother Roxie Hughes 1876-1961.  It could be from the same time period but so far there is no way to know if they are related.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mystery Photograph 077

This mystery photograph was recently given to me by an aunt on my McFadden line and it is one of the few family photographs that actually has something written on the back, unfortunately, it includes two names of who it might be.

I think this is Clara Gross or it is Harriet Wagner.  Dan
The note was written by Daniel O'Connell McFadden (1900-1996) the brother of my grandmother Ruth McFadden Webb (1905-1985)
Clara Madeline (Schildhauer) Gross (1895-1989) was my mother's second cousin. So far I have not come across the name Harriet Wagner in my research so she could be a family member or a friend or acquaintance.  

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mystery Photograph

My Aunt recently gave me some more family photos and here is another one that goes into the unknown pile.  On the back "Dennis" is written. The only Dennis I am aware of is Dennis McFadden (1847-1924). Based on the clothing I guess this was taken sometime during the 1920's. By that time Dennis was an old man grey hair and a mustache.  I've compared photographs of the older Dennis with his wife Elizabeth Neuland (1866-1949), and they do not seem to be the same people.