Thursday, June 21, 2012

ProGen Study Group

I am currently working on a contract for research and a fee schedule for my ProGen Study group

Our assignments for this lesson are:

· Chapter 6 – Executing Contracts by Patricia Gilliam Hastings J.D.
· Chapter 10 – Setting Realistic Fees by Sandra Hargreaves Luebking
Unfortunately, I can't seem to get these finished as early as I'd like to, although in my defense I did just get back from Michigan for a wedding so things have been a bit hectic of late.

The first thing I plan to do is come up with a simple contract.  Most of the examples I have seen divide general research and speaking duties, but to save time I may include them both in one form and see how it flies with the group.

Next, I need to identify my annual salary needs by determining billable hours, calculating the hourly fee and profit margin. The formula for setting fees is: Hourly Fee = (Salary + Expenses + Profit) / Billable Hours.  

Since I am not currently considering quitting my job and relying only on genealogical research for my living, this is more of an exercise for the future, but at least I'll have something to draw on when the time comes. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Possible photo of great great grandmother

I came across a site that has this photo attached to the record for Dianacy "Dicy" WALLACE Autrey (1829-1925).  Dicy, I believe is the mother of Sealy "Celia" AUTREY Sample (1860-1907) but so far have been unable to verify their linkage, as described in previous posts. 

There is also a smaller head shot of this image on this site.  I did try to contact someone at the site but so far have not received a reply.  I would like more information on this picture such as when it was taken, who has the original, if it still exists and if there are others of her and her family. 

Playing with the image, adjusting tint, darkness etc. it does appear she is standing in front of a brick wall.  At the bottom by her left leg there is a round object but so far I have no clue what it could be. 
Finally, there is something about the way she is posed that makes me think this could be a post mortem photograph even though 1925 seems a little late since the practice had fallen off during the 20th century.

Another mystery to work on that hopefully does have an answer out there somewhere.