Monday, August 29, 2016

Another photo with an old car

Clyde Lee Webb (1898-1987) and Ruth Eileen McFadden (1905-1985).

The license plate is a little blurry, but it looks like it reads Ohio-1937. They were married in November 1937.

Ruth had some cousins in Stark County, Ohio, so I am guessing this may be one of their cars. I'll have to see if Ohio has license plate records from back then.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mystery Photos UN0001 & UN0002 *updated 8/8/16

 I found this unknown photograph in a chest that belonged to my grandmother that included items from her and my grandfather's families. I want to say it is from the late 30s to the early 40s but that really is just a wild guess.

My grandmothers family was from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area and my grandfather grew up around Little Rock, Arkansas. From what I know of both places the landscape doesn't match either.

To me she doesn't resemble anyone from either side of the family.

I tried looking through some fashion sites and books but haven't found anything that would indicate the time period for what she is wearing. The skirt does seem awfully short to me for being from the 30s or 40s.
I'm currently scanning all the photographs and documents that I have. I just found this second picture of the woman, car and this time a man with her. In the first photo you can see a man wearing a tie behind the car through the window. It seems likely it's the same man. Again he doesn't really resemble anyone I've seen or know of so far.

You can also see what looks like a church in the background. I'm currently looking through the photos to see if there are any other images with that building included.

I am able to get a good view of the license plate.  N. J. 1904     A7922.  I'll need to look into how long plates were kept on cars back then and see if the registration information still exists.

Of the living family members I've been able to ask, no one recognizes them.To date this is still a big mystery.