Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday-Frank Pyle and Lola Crim

     Surprise Wedding

Deputy Treasurer Frank Pile and Miss Lola Crim Married

     Friends of Frank Pyle and Miss Lola Crim
received announcement cards today,
announcing their marriage, which occurred
at Hammond, Ind., May 30th, Rev. W. F.
Switzer officiating.

     The wedding is something of a surprise to the
friends of the happy pair, although their engagement was
announced last winter, and all knew the marriage would
soon follow.

     Mr. Pyle is the deputy treasurer of Fulton county and is a
gentleman of sterling worth, every way capable of caring for a bride
so worthy.
     Mrs. Pyle is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crim
and has served as deputy clerk for County Clerk Ed C. Murphey.
she was educated in the Rochester schools and has won considerable
public favor as a musician and solo singer, prominent in church and
society circles.  Both are popular young people and merit the happiest
conditions that can come to them.  Mr. and Mrs. Pyle will retain their
respective places in the courthouse, but will go to housekeeping and
be at home to their friends after June 18th.

From the Rochester Republican (Rochester Indiana), Thursday 11 june 1908

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - turn the page

This is probably fairly obvious, but it is something I do not always do, especially online. 

This is the passport application for my uncle Edward McFadden (1889-1977) from April 1919 from 

Besides the information about him:
     1. born in Coal Center, Pennsylvania, 12 March 1889
     2. lives in Pittsburgh
     3. is a salesman
     4. visiting France and Great Britain as part of the Knights of Columbus War Relief
     5. left from New York

It also has information about his father, my great grandfather Dennis McFadden (about 1847-1924).
     1. Dennis emigrated from Londonderry Ireland about 1852
     2. he has no naturalization papers but a discharge from the US Army dated 25 July  
     3. he lived uninterrupted in the US for 67 years 1852-1919
     4. he lived in Coal Center, Roscoe, Monongahela & Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and
     also the state of Ohio

I logged on to check it a few times to verify the information.  For some reason this last time, I clicked the arrow for the next page and found this: 

Not only does it have his street address, and a physical description of Edward but also a photograph of him from 1919.  I believe this is the earliest photo of him that I have, the others being from the 1930's and 1977.

Then on the next page is the physical description again, along with a letter of introduction from a representative from the Knights of Columbus.

So to sum up, don't forget to turn the page.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Those Places Thursday-the Duquesne cable car

While scanning through the 1976 journal of my grandmother (Ruth McFadden Webb), I found this article about cable cars still running in Pittsburgh:

I don't know when this article was printed or where, but I'm assuming it was around August 1976 since that's where I found it in the journal.  Most likely it was printed in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, unless they subscribed to an additional paper back then.

My question is why she felt this article was worth keeping.  Was it simply because it was a story from home and was reprinted in the local paper?  Did the Duquesne Incline mean something to her?  Did she ride this frequently in her daily life?

I looked it up and the Duquesne Incline is still running.  When I do make my genealogy research trip to the Pittsburgh area, I'll definitely add this to my list of things to do.

Wordless Wednesday-Mystery Photo

Over Thanksgiving, my Aunt Maureen gave me a few letters and other items she found at among various odds and ends. 

This photo was included in the envelope.  She thought this might be the McFadden children and that her mother, my grandmother may be the baby.  My grandmother, Ruth McFadden was born in 1905, and I'm guessing that this picture could be from around that time. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ireland Reaching Out

"The Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) project is based on a simple idea; instead of waiting for people of Irish descent to trace their roots, we go the other way."

This seems like a very cool idea and I hope it catches on.

My maternal great grandfather, Dennis McFadden, was from Tullaghobely, Co. Donegal.  I haven't been able to find exactly when he came over or with which family members, but perhaps this project can help me get closer to figuring it out.

Also, it makes me want to plan my bicycling tour/genealogy trip to Ireland very soon.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday's Obituary-John McFadden

From the Charleroi Mail 20 July 1909,  Charleroi, Pennsylvania

     The body of John McFadden aged 22 years of Roscoe, who was drowned in the Monongahela river at Duquesne  yesterday morning, was brought home last evening and the funeral will be held at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon from the Roscoe Catholic church.  The interment will be in Calvary cemetery, Charleroi.  The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McFadden, three brothers and three sisters survive.
     McFadden was employed by his uncle.  At 2:30 o'clock he left to take the numbers of several cars in a train, and a flat boat.  He was not see (sic) since that.  The body was recovered at about 11 o'clock yesterday.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday’s Child-Bertha and Ella E. McFadden

Bertha- born 1886 Apr 26 died 1886 Aug 1
Ella E.- born 1886 Apr 26 died 1886 Sep 10

Both are buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Coal Center, Pennsylvania.  The story I have heard is that they died from the 'sleeping sickness' which hit the community along the Monongahela River. 

These were my great grandparents (Dennis and Elizabeth Neuland McFadden's) first born.  So far, I have been unable to locate any additional information on their deaths or what the 'sleeping sickness' was.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mystery Monday-interesting photograph

While scanning some negatives, I came across this interesting picture.  At first I thought this was an early movie theater because of the sign on the back wall with Episode no. 2 on top of the frame.  The kids could have been dressed up for the serial (like an early The Rocky Horror Picture Show). 

I quickly dismissed that idea and my second thought was this is a school and the kids are putting on a play.  The two kids in back (at first I thought they might be teachers) look like they could be the king and queen.  The kids in the front couple of rows could be subjects, wizards or other fairy tale characters.

There is some writing on the left of the theater which I have been unable to make out.  Also, behind the "king and queen" it looks like a box office. 

This picture raises a lot of questions but the main ones I am interested in are:
1.  What is the play?
2.  Where and when was the picture taken?
3.  Who are these kids?  Is it a school group?
4.  What is the show being advertized on the right?  Is it or whatever survives available on DVD?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ProGen Study Group

I am currently working on a contract for research and a fee schedule for my ProGen Study group

Our assignments for this lesson are:

· Chapter 6 – Executing Contracts by Patricia Gilliam Hastings J.D.
· Chapter 10 – Setting Realistic Fees by Sandra Hargreaves Luebking
Unfortunately, I can't seem to get these finished as early as I'd like to, although in my defense I did just get back from Michigan for a wedding so things have been a bit hectic of late.

The first thing I plan to do is come up with a simple contract.  Most of the examples I have seen divide general research and speaking duties, but to save time I may include them both in one form and see how it flies with the group.

Next, I need to identify my annual salary needs by determining billable hours, calculating the hourly fee and profit margin. The formula for setting fees is: Hourly Fee = (Salary + Expenses + Profit) / Billable Hours.  

Since I am not currently considering quitting my job and relying only on genealogical research for my living, this is more of an exercise for the future, but at least I'll have something to draw on when the time comes. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Possible photo of great great grandmother

I came across a site that has this photo attached to the record for Dianacy "Dicy" WALLACE Autrey (1829-1925).  Dicy, I believe is the mother of Sealy "Celia" AUTREY Sample (1860-1907) but so far have been unable to verify their linkage, as described in previous posts. 

There is also a smaller head shot of this image on this site.  I did try to contact someone at the site but so far have not received a reply.  I would like more information on this picture such as when it was taken, who has the original, if it still exists and if there are others of her and her family. 

Playing with the image, adjusting tint, darkness etc. it does appear she is standing in front of a brick wall.  At the bottom by her left leg there is a round object but so far I have no clue what it could be. 
Finally, there is something about the way she is posed that makes me think this could be a post mortem photograph even though 1925 seems a little late since the practice had fallen off during the 20th century.

Another mystery to work on that hopefully does have an answer out there somewhere.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Houston Family History Expo 2012

Just returned from the Houston Family History Expo.  I go back tomorrow bright and early for day two.  So far, I have really enjoyed it.  At first when I arrived this afternoon I was a little disappointed because the main course I wanted to attend was cancelled.

Fortunately the other sessions I attended more than made up for it.  I am very jazzed now to try some new things that I learned about today.

Hopefully tomorrow will be just as informative, but even if it isn't, it has been well worth the time and headache of dealing with I-45 traffic.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fearless Females Blog Post: March 20: Elusive or Brick Wall Ancestor

I have posted about my paternal great grandmother Sealy Elizabeth AUTREY Sample before.  So far, she just seems to have appeared out of no where and married my great grandfather Joseph H. Sample.  I have put together a timeline (which was an idea I got from a webinar by Marian of Marian's Roots & Rambles) to organize what I have and to plan for a future research trip to Arkansas and Louisiana where I can hopefully either prove or disprove what we believe about her.

9 Mar 1860 is the birthdate listed on her headstone in Lee Cemetery, Saline County, Arkansas. 
     Birthplace is unknown-census records list it as Union Parish, Louisiana.
1860 US Census-Union Parish, Louisiana.  This is the family which we think was Sealy's.  It's the
     household of:
          Jno Autry (born in Alabama) head
          Dianacy  (born in Mississippi) wife
          M. F. -7 daughter
          Jane P. -6 daughter
          Thos. M. -4 son
           E.P. -2 son
           C.E.-3 months daughter

1870 US Census-Union Parish, Louisiana- the household has a 10 year old daughter named Elizabeth.

7 Jul 1878- Lincoln Parish, Louisiana-marriage certificate for Sealy E. Autrey and J.H. Sample
1880 US Census-both are living in 6 Ward, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana.
          Joseph H. Sample 31
          Clie E.  20
          Mary E. 5
          Lucinda 4
          Dora C. 7m
          Jesse 23 (servant)

1900 US Census-family now in Benton, Saline County, Arkansas
          J.H Sample 51
          Celia 40
           Katie 21
           Susie 19
           Palvin 15
           Lillian 13
           Minnie 11
           Joe 5
           Paralee 2

15 Jul 1907 Benton, Saline County, Arkansas death date inscribed on headstone.

My plan is to visit Union Parish, Louisiana and Saline County, Arkansas and try to find legal, property or other type records that may shed some light or indicate if this is the right trail.         

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fearless Females: March 10: Religion

Both my grandmothers were very religious.  My grandmother on my mothers side was Catholic and the one on my fathers was Baptist.  I know they were both strong believers, but other than that I don't know much about their church related activities.

Margaret McFadden, my maternal grandmother (Ruth McFadden) had a sister who became a nun.  Among the photographs in my grandmothers collection I found this photo of Margaret, who became Sr. Donata.  After a little searching I found her name among the list of deceased sisters ( of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Scranton Pennsylvania. 

I believe Margaret is on the right

She died in 1953 so I never knew her and don't remember her being talked about all that much so I have no idea what her life was like or why she chose such a life.  

Here is another picture of Margaret and others in front of what looks like a church or perhaps where the sisters lived.  Aunt Margaret is in the back row on the right, looking quite a lot like my grandmother.  My next step is to contact either the organization or the diocese of Scranton to see if they have any biographical or other information on her.  I'm hoping it might shed some light on my gr grandfather Dennis McFadden.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fearless Females: Photo

This is one of the photos I found in my grandmothers 'box o' memories'.  Unfortunately, as with most there was no information about who this person was, where the picture was taken or when.  At first I thought this might have been in Pennsylvania since that is where my grandmother and grew up and lived until she married and moved to Texas.  However, this person could be from my grandfather’s side of the family that lived in Arkansas when he was younger. 

My brother thinks she has a resemblance to my aunt but I'm not sure I see it.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Motivation Monday-February

National Genealogical Society Home Study Course-

The last few months have been fairly slow genealogy-wise.  I'm still waiting on my gr grandfathers military records from the VA to arrive so I have not ordered the third disc of the NGS  homestudy course yet.  Unfortunately, from what I have heard it can take anywhere up to a year to get a reply and so far he is the only ancestor I enough to write a biographical sketch about.  I plan on ordering the third disc this month and get the other assignments finished and turned in while continue to work on other prospects for the sketch in case I don't get much from the VA.

Professional Genealogy Study Group 15-

I am beginning the ProGen 15 course this month, which will occupy my time for the next 18 months.  This has put me back into the genealogy frame of mind.  Along with Professional Genealogy I'll keep up with various periodicals, blog posts and training webinars that I have let slip for the last few months.


I have finished scanning my grandmothers photo collection and letters and now need to organize, label and tag them. Next I need to go through her scrapbooks and albums and see what I can do with those and what may be hidden in the pages.


I need to register for the NGS 2012 Family History Conference in May and should be able get that done this week.   

Non Genealogy Goal:

I need to get on my bicycle again.  My last 20 mile ride felt more like an 80 mile ride. If I want to do the MS150 again, I definitely need to do better. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Here is an unknown class photo I found among my grandmothers pictures and letters. I believe my grandmother, (Ruth McFadden 1905-1985) is one of two girls on the top row.   Possibly second from the right or the end on the left.  During this time, around 1915, they lived in Pittsburgh Ward 19, Allegheny County.