Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday-Frank Pyle and Lola Crim

     Surprise Wedding

Deputy Treasurer Frank Pile and Miss Lola Crim Married

     Friends of Frank Pyle and Miss Lola Crim
received announcement cards today,
announcing their marriage, which occurred
at Hammond, Ind., May 30th, Rev. W. F.
Switzer officiating.

     The wedding is something of a surprise to the
friends of the happy pair, although their engagement was
announced last winter, and all knew the marriage would
soon follow.

     Mr. Pyle is the deputy treasurer of Fulton county and is a
gentleman of sterling worth, every way capable of caring for a bride
so worthy.
     Mrs. Pyle is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crim
and has served as deputy clerk for County Clerk Ed C. Murphey.
she was educated in the Rochester schools and has won considerable
public favor as a musician and solo singer, prominent in church and
society circles.  Both are popular young people and merit the happiest
conditions that can come to them.  Mr. and Mrs. Pyle will retain their
respective places in the courthouse, but will go to housekeeping and
be at home to their friends after June 18th.

From the Rochester Republican (Rochester Indiana), Thursday 11 june 1908

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - turn the page

This is probably fairly obvious, but it is something I do not always do, especially online. 

This is the passport application for my uncle Edward McFadden (1889-1977) from April 1919 from 

Besides the information about him:
     1. born in Coal Center, Pennsylvania, 12 March 1889
     2. lives in Pittsburgh
     3. is a salesman
     4. visiting France and Great Britain as part of the Knights of Columbus War Relief
     5. left from New York

It also has information about his father, my great grandfather Dennis McFadden (about 1847-1924).
     1. Dennis emigrated from Londonderry Ireland about 1852
     2. he has no naturalization papers but a discharge from the US Army dated 25 July  
     3. he lived uninterrupted in the US for 67 years 1852-1919
     4. he lived in Coal Center, Roscoe, Monongahela & Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and
     also the state of Ohio

I logged on to check it a few times to verify the information.  For some reason this last time, I clicked the arrow for the next page and found this: 

Not only does it have his street address, and a physical description of Edward but also a photograph of him from 1919.  I believe this is the earliest photo of him that I have, the others being from the 1930's and 1977.

Then on the next page is the physical description again, along with a letter of introduction from a representative from the Knights of Columbus.

So to sum up, don't forget to turn the page.