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52 Ancestors- Week 13-Edward McFadden

Blogger Amy Johnson Crow has created a challenge, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Each week the object is to post about a specific ancestor.

I have been bad about posting lately, but hopefully can get going on this again.

Also, apparently I skipped #13.
Edward McFadden (?-?)

Edward McFadden is the father of my maternal great grandfather Dennis Cornelius McFadden.  His wife was Alice Collum and both are believed to have been born in Ireland.
This is pretty much all that is known about Edward. 
There are two family legends concerning Edward and the McFadden family and how they came to America. 

One story has it that Edward died during the potato famine in Ireland.  Alice was no longer able to care for the children, so Dennis and his brother John walked to one of the Irish ports and sailed for America.  After arriving they settled in Ohio with a sister who possibly married a Ferry.
The second story indicates that Edward and Alice at some point immigrated to America and settled in Ohio.  It is unknown if Dennis and John came with their parents or if family members came over at different times.
Possible candidates for Edward and Alice McFadden show up in the 1860 US Census for Clinton, Vinton County, Ohio.  So far, I have been unable to prove or disprove if this is the correct family.
Edward McFadden - 56 - day laborer - (birthplace) Ireland
Alice - 56 - (birthplace) Ireland
John - 18 - day laborer - (birthplace) Ireland
Dennis -16 - day laborer - (birthplace) Ireland
Peter McAndre - 30 - day laborer - (birthplace) Ireland 
William Ocallaghan - 38 - teacher - - (birthplace) Ireland
Edward and Alice are next mentioned on Application and Statement for Marriage License for Dennis and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Neuland in 1886.
The parents of Dennis are not named but are listed as "residents of the State of Ohio"
In 1919 Edward Vincent McFadden (1889-1977) a son of Dennis and Elizabeth applied for a passport to travel to Europe after World War I.  In it, he lists the places his father had lived up to that point. It also says that he immigrated to the US in 1852.
States Dennis had live in the US for 67 uninterrupted years at "Coal Center, Roscoe, Monongahela & Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania).   Also lived in State of Ohio."

Finally, the death certificate for Dennis, names his parents as Edward McFadden and Alice Collum.  Both are also said to have been born in Ireland.  The informant was Cornelius McFadden (1903-1977), ninth child of Dennis and Elizabeth.

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania-1924

So far, I have been unable to locate any possible candidates Edward, Alice or Dennis in the immigration records. I'm hoping if I can focus on Ohio, something may turn up.


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