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52 Ancestors- Week 16-Otto Schildhauer

 Blogger Amy Johnson Crow has created a challenge, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Each week the object is to post about a specific ancestor.

Otto Schildhauer was my maternal 2nd cousin once removed.  While researching some collateral family members, I have come across a few individuals that I have been able to locate quite a bit about with minimal research time and effort.

One of these individuals is Otto Schildhauer (1898-1959).  I have been able to find a pretty good summary of his life just searching newspapers.   

Also, when people talk about the lack of privacy these days, I like to bring old newpapers up.  It's a good illustration that social networks really aren't a new idea.  It's only the technology that has changed.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, 7 June 1898

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Schildhauer of Buckingham street, a twelve-pound baby boy.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, 12 Jan 1900

The little child of Mr. Herman Schildhauer is quite sick at 349 Buckingham street.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, 23 Feb 1901

Otto, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schildhauer is very sick at the home on Buckingham street.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, 27 June 1901

Otto, thee little son of Mr. Herman Schildhauer, the well known B & O machinist residing at 348 Buckingham street started to the well a morning or two ago, with a cup for the purpose of getting a drink of water.  As he was going to the well he slipped and fell cutting his arm entirely across the left wrist.  The wound had to be sewed up, but the little fellow is doing well as could be expected at this writing.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 26 Nov 1926

Another Massillonian is making a name for himself in movie circles.  He is Otto Schildhauer, son of Mrs. M Schildhauer of 1218 Wellman street.  Mr. Schildhauer has been successful on Hollywood as a technical director.
An Article in a Hollywood newspaper says:
Otto Schildhauer, well known technical director, whose services have been so much in demand of late due to his able ability and originality in set designing, left for Honolulu, where he will be on location for the next four months with the West Coast Picture corporation.
"Lately Mr. Schildhauer has been doing designing for some of the larger theaters on the coast and his work has attracted the attention of a great many of the larger picture corporations.  The West Coast corporation is indeed fortunate in having Mr. schildhauer working under its banner.
"During his four months stay in Honolulu, the management of his two cake shops will be in charge of Mrs. Lucille Holder who has been managing the store in Western Avenue.
Mr. Schildhauer went to Hollywood two years ago. 

So far, I have not located any titles of movies he may have been involved with. 

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 16 Jun 1931

Mrs. Schildhauer, of State Ave. NE, returned Sunday from Hollywood, where she spend the past year with her son, Otto Schildhauer.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 9 Dec 1936

Miss Mae Breninghouse who has been spending three months with Mr. and Mrs. William Casack of 1st st. ext... NE, left Tuesday morning for her home in Hollywood, Cal., accompanied by Mrs. Margaret Schildhauer, of State ave. NE, who will be the guest of her son Otto Schildhauer.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 25 Feb 1936

Otto Schildhauer of Hollywood, Cal. formerly of Massillon, arrived Sunday evening, having been called here by the serious illness of his sister, Mrs. Glenn H. Krishner, of 313 State ave, NE.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 9 Jan 1940
Mrs. Margaret Schildhauer, of State ave, NE and Miss Mae Breninghouse of 1st st, NE ext. left today to spend the remainder of the winter in Hollywood, Cal.  Mrs. Schildhauer will be a guest of her son, Otto Schildhauer while there.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 26 Jun 1940

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Drouhard and daughter, Pauline, of 2nd st. SW, and Mrs. H. Schildhauer of State ave, NE will leave Thursday at noon by motor for a two months trip to Hollywood, Cal, where the will visit Mrs. Schildhauer's son Otto Schildhauer, formerly of Massillon.

Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, 2 Jul 1959

Otto B. Schildhauer, 61 of 4933 Melrose Ave. Hollywood, Cal., former Massillon resident died at 2:05 am today in the Massillon city hospical where he was admitted May 18.
A Native of Newark, O, Mr. Schildhauer came to Massillon at the age of 12 years and formerly attended St. Joseph's parochial school.  Since 1925 he had lived in Hollywood where he owned and operated The Food Shop.
Mr. Schildhauer is survived by his mother, Mrs. Margaret Schildhauer, who made her home with  him in Hollywood and two sisters Mrs. Ernest Gross and Mrs. Glen Krisher of Massillon.
The funeral will be held Saturday at 9 am in St. Mary's Catholic church.  Internment will be made in the parish cemetery.
Friends may call at the Gordon Shaidnagle-Hollinger funeral home Friday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm
The Rosary will be prayed Friday at 7 pm at the funeral home.

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