Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mystery Photo UN025 and time to get organized

Here is another unknown photograph that was in my maternal grandmothers house then got sent with my aunt. It has 3 adults and 4 children standing outside of a house.
Unfortunately, I do not know if it is my grandmothers (Ruth Eileen McFadden 1905-1985) or grandfathers (Clyde Lee Webb 1898-1987) side of the family. The people in the photo do not bear any resemblance to any other photographs that I have gone through.
The house does look similar to some of the houses my grandmother was pictured in front of in the 1920s in the Pittsburgh, PA area.
Also, it is time for me to get these photographs better organized. I have an old scanner that as far as I can tell won't let me scan them as tiff files or set the DPI. I plan to look for a higher quality scanner this weekend. It will also let me combine duplicates and compare photos that are labeled with similar photos that are not.

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