Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Years goal

While I am not big on making resolutions for the new year, I do try to have a goal or two to work on.

This year, I want to work on writing up my family history and other topics. Sitting down and getting all my stuff together is the easy part. It's putting it down on paper that is the tough part.

I tend to feel that my writing:
1. Is dull or uninteresting
2. has way too much detail and becomes a dry slog to get through
3. Is of no interest to anyone

I really enjoy reading old newspapers and finding interesting stories or people to look into further. I have started writing them up to practice and get into the mindset to tackle my own family stories. So far, I feel I am doing well. I have made the time to sit and write and find that I am really enjoying the process. I plan to keep this up for the next few months or so, then tackle my own family history.

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