Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Death of Had (?)

A mini-mystery for today. Just who in the heck was Had?

Reading through my great grandmothers diary, Elizabeth Neuland McFadden (1866-1949) I came across this passage for Sunday 23 and Monday 24 of  February 1930.

As of April 21, 1930 according to the 1930 US census[1] Elizabeth was living in Baltimore, Maryland. Ruth was also listed as residing in the house.

This is my 64th birthday. Dan came in and just when we were eating dinner, Ruth called up and said Had had died at 4:20. Sheehans and Rodgers were here. They took Dan home. The funeral was the next day.
Had was buried today.

Ruth (McFadden Webb) 1905-1985 was my grandmother and Dan (Rev. Daniel O.C. McFadden S.J.) my granduncle.

I have been puzzling over just who this "Had" might have been. Comparing the writing it doesn't look like it could actually be Tad, Chad, Hal or any other similar name. I also have not located any known family, friends or acquaintances at the time who had the initials H.A.D. Unfortunately no one is still living as far as I know who might have been able to answer this question.

I did run a search on Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org for a Had who died in 1930 in the Baltimore area. So far nothing promising has been located.

1. 1930 U.S. census, Baltimore County, Pennsylvania, population schedule, p. 175B (stamped), dwelling 375, family 386, Elizabeth McFadden; digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestrylibrary.com) : accessed 5 February 2013); citing National Archives microfilm publication T626 roll 845.

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