Thursday, December 30, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge 52

I'm a little late to this game but  figure I may a well jump in head first.

I didn't really have a goal for last year except for occasionally getting on and looking around for new bits of info and going through all the stuff my father had done previously.

My father hadn't done much on genealogy over the last few years and unfortunately at this point may not be able to do much more.  Going through his files I have learned that organization was not his strongest point.  I'm finding scraps of paper with odd notes and markings that I cannot figure out and he can't recall what some of them mean.  So I plan on throwing all his work out and starting over.

Not really, because he did collect a lot of information over the years and I have been able to go back and verify that what he did find is correct.

We have a lot of the basic facts and what I'd like to focus on is actually finding out about the people and their lives.  Essentially I want to fill in the basic skeleton I currently have.  Eventually, I'd like to find one particularly interesting person and write an article or perhaps a book about, but this is getting a bit ahead and probably should go on a 5 or 10 year plan.

I would also like to visit some other libraries or archival institutions most likely some in Arkansas this year in the hopes of finding more details about some of my ancestors.  Also, I really want to attend the NGS convention this year but right now I'm not sure I'll be able to so I plan to look  into more regional gatherings here in Texas.

Finally, I have ordered the first disc for the NGS home study course and am ready to get started on the program.  I almost feel like a kid getting a brightly wrapped gift at a certain time of the year! 

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