Friday, April 6, 2012

Houston Family History Expo 2012

Just returned from the Houston Family History Expo.  I go back tomorrow bright and early for day two.  So far, I have really enjoyed it.  At first when I arrived this afternoon I was a little disappointed because the main course I wanted to attend was cancelled.

Fortunately the other sessions I attended more than made up for it.  I am very jazzed now to try some new things that I learned about today.

Hopefully tomorrow will be just as informative, but even if it isn't, it has been well worth the time and headache of dealing with I-45 traffic.


  1. What class was cancelled? I was only able to go on Saturday, but enjoyed the 4 classes I attended.

  2. The Friday class was Investigating Your Ancestors' World Through Maps by Sharon Sergeant at 7:50.

    The Saturday session at 1:10, Where Did They come From? Where Did They Go? Investigating Migration Groups also by Sharon Sergeant.

    The two sessions I took instead were quite good and I'm glad I was able to attend them.