Monday, January 7, 2019

Mystery Monday - Mrs. McFadden

The 1918 diary of my great grandmother Elizabeth Neuland McFadden (1866-1949) is unusual because she was not a very consistent writer. It contains entries between 1918 to 1940. Also, at some point my grandmother Ruth McFadden Webb (1905-1984) made some entries in the diary as well.

 The diary includes many names, some I know and a lot I don't. I have tried to figure out who they are but many are still a mystery.

In the back of the diary in grandmother Ruth's handwriting are a few names with addresses. One is for Mrs. McFadden.

Mrs. McFadden 2354 Graham Terrace, Cleveland

 During the time they had this diary, they lived in the Pittsburgh, PA area and later on in Baltimore, MD. I haven't determined which Cleveland Mrs. McFadden lived in. It could have been Ohio or Pennsylvania, or another one. I have not found any listings for a Graham Terrace in any of the possible areas she may have lived. Also, I do not know when this entry was added. Again it could have been anytime between 1918-1940 so Mrs. McFadden could have lived almost anywhere or had been in Cleveland the whole time.

An entry for 23 August 1926:
Mrs. McFadden and I went to town. We went to Kaufman's and
goods for Ruth a dress, got matierial for Dan a Ribbi (?). These
went to Davis then got lunch then went to Grand (?) at Curley's so
it was late when we got home.

An entry for 27 June 1931:

Started for Pittsburg 20 minutes to 1. Got to Wilkensburg in 7 hrs. Went
to Curleys. Dan and Father Nevin and Mrs. McFadden and Al and
Catherine, Ed and a few others were there. Mrs. Curley Made everybody eat.

 An entry for June 30 and July 1, 1931:

Went to Annie's and also to Minnie's in evening.
The young met at Annie's to see Dan. As he was
leaving on Wed. We went several places as Dan
had a few calls to make. July 1st  Mrs. McFadden,
Mrs Hazel and I went to Monongahela. Joe took us up.
Went to see Mrs. Drinkwater. Went to see Bessi Adams
then went to see Valkers.

The other mentions of Mrs. McFadden are in a similar vein. None shed any light on who she is and how she might be related to Elizabeth and Ruth.

Because Elizabeth addresses her more formally, I assume Mrs. McFadden is an older woman. However, as far as I know the older McFadden women in the family had died before 1918. The only daughter who never married and became a nun was Margaret (Sister Donata) McFadden (1894-1953) and she was always referenced as Margaret in the diary.

She could be an unrelated friend or neighbor, but so far I have not found anything that will lead me to one  answer or another.

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