Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today I have been working on the NGS Home Study Course vital records assignment, lesson 6.  I visited the County Clerk's Office in order to survey their marriage records.  All marriage licenses have been digitized and can be accessed on one of several computers in the office for viewing various records. 

Cool, I thought as I sat down and began performing various searches.  I found the database easy to use and was able to quickly find the information I needed. 

I did come across a few pages that were dark and impossible to read.  The scanned image included a helpful notation that said Original Illegible.   Even so, and because I like looking through old books, I wanted to take a look at the original, so I went to the desk to ask if I I could see the original documents.

I was told that once the records are scanned they get rid of the originals.

I guess that is progress.

I can only hope that  before the aliens send a pulse to destroy our computer infrastructure as they begin their invasion that these records are somehow backed up and protected.  

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  1. That is insanely disheartening. It would be interesting to know what their back-up methods are.