Thursday, April 10, 2014

52 Ancestors-Week - 14 - Ruth Eileen McFadden (1905-1985)

This post is part of Amy Johnson Crow's 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge.  The object is to write something about 1 ancestor each week.  More information can be  found at her blog No Story Too Small.

When I became serious about pursuing my genealogy, my parents gave me a box that had a lot of pictures and letters from my grandmother Ruth Eileen McFadden (1905-1985) along with some items of my grandfather Clyde Lee Webb (1898-1987). 

Among the items in this box was a journal that my grandmother kept that began at the end of 1975 and ended at the beginning of 1977.

I don't know if she kept diaries or journals throughout her life but this is the only one that made it to today, whether on purpose or by accident.   

Here is a page from her journal from 38 years ago this month.

11-17 April 1976

Sunday April 11
Elizabeth (my mother) came over & we visited Sallie (don't know who she is).  She looks well and was in good spirits.  Will be operated on tomorrow morning.
Monday April 12
10:45 & going to bed.  Busy day packing for trip etc.  Started to drizzle tonight.  Talked to Beverly (don't know who she is). Sallie is doing well.  Today is Dr. Hamilton's birthday-96. (what I remember about Dr. Hamilton is that everyday my grandmother would go over and check on him.  Not sure what she did for him other than see him for a few minutes.  The one memory I have of him is of him on his porch yelling at us kids to shut up.  We were playing Nerf football in the front yard of my grandparents house in Fort Worth.  I was 10, my brothers were 12 and 6 and my sister 8.)
Tuesday April 13
Left at 11:15 for Miss. (My grandparents second daughter and her husband) Arrived in Monroe, LA about 4:45 PM-stopping at Ramada Inn had dinner at the Inn.   Drove (not sure what this means or relates to.)
Wednesday April 14
Left Monroe about 9:00am-decided to stop along the way for breakfast but did not see a decent place-so had a hamburger at Stucky's (I remember Stucky's.  When we went on family trips to Arkansas, to visit my fathers family, we'd look forward to stopping at the blue roofed Stucky's.  I'd always get the little pecan pie.)
Thursday April 15
M & B (my aunt and uncle) had class today (both were university professors) came home for lunch- Daddy came over about noon. (no idea what this means.  Came over from where? She definitely did not have the best handwriting.) Had a wonderful day- Bucky barbecued chicken which was delicious.  B. fixed Black Russians.  Had one, salad, home made bread, ice cream, cookies, wine. 
Friday April 15
Real nice day. M&B on vacation. We went to Stations (?) this afternoon.  Bought Rhoda & Nick (don't know who they are) a wedding gift.  Another delectable dinner-cheese souffle with shrimp sauce, homemade bread & salad.  10:15 PM getting ready to go to bed.
Saturday April 17
Real warm again today- Maureen hemmed her drapes and put them up.  Another delicious dinner.  Bucky made ice cream.

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