Saturday, January 22, 2011

Droid camera phone

Last weekend I visited my parents in Fort Worth and "discovered" that my father had the Bible that belonged to my grandmother Sample.  I never realized he had it and was excited to look through it and see what genealogical tidbits I could get from it.  Unfortunately,  it really did not contain very much.  The only thing written in was my grandmothers death.

The one thing I did find was her obituary.  It was cut out, but did not include which paper it was in, when it was published or the date of death.  

It did contain some good information, such as where buried, her age and date of birth.  With this information, I was able to find her in, which for some reason, when I searched for her a while back, I didn't find the listing.  With this, and the date written in the Bible, it gave me enough information to go on. 

My father did mention that it most likely appeared in either the Little River News or the Texarkana Gazette.  So now I have what I need to find the paper and verify the date it was published.  I just need to either try to get it through ILL or find where archives are kept in Arkansas and plan a research trip.

I didn't want to take it with me, so I thought I'd try to take a picture with my Droid phone and see how it would work.  I took a picture and emailed it to myself.  I was very surprised at how good the image came out.  I have an older Kodak digital camera, and have tried to take pictures of pages from a book and never was able to get as good or as clear a shot.  It was either blurry, too light, too dark, etc.   I was planning on buying a scanner for my research, but for now, I'll just rely on my camera and copy machines.


  1. How did you email it, did you send it to your Gogle account. I took a few pictures with my droid and wanted publish them on my blog.

  2. Hi Claudia. Yes, I sent it to my Google account. From the camera, I click on menu then press the gallery button. Next I open the image I want and push the menu button again. Next hit share and you can send it by email or to facebook.