Thursday, January 6, 2011

NGS Home Study Course-lesson 1

I finally received the first disc for the NGS Home Study Course and am currently working on the first assignment.  My Webb line is the one I probably have the most information on so I figured it would be a breeze, especially first starting out.

I already had the pedigree chart pretty much filled out but I hadn't done any family group sheets.  I don't have a genealogy software program yet because I am still planning on buying an Apple that I plan to use primarily for genealogy.  Hopefully if things go right I should be able to get it soon.  So right now I just need to figure out how to export the form into Word so I can work on it.

I also have learned that I really need to work on my organization.  Unfortunately, I do almost everything the introductory section of  lesson 1 says not to do.  I have notes scribbled on small scraps of paper.  I have sheets of paper with multiple names from different family lines written in no order.  So in order to find my citations, I have to go through several folders and loose pieces of paper to find what I need.  This is helping because when I find a citation, I now double check the cite for accuracy and put it in its proper location so I don't have to waste time in the future shuffling paper.

The sad part is that I thought I was fairly organized, and after seeing the organization skills of some others I probably am.

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