Monday, January 31, 2011

Motivation Monday -Those Troublesome Autrey's

I am currently working on my NGS-home study course lesson 2 and am starting to obsess on it a little.  This assignment involves analyzing a family story.

The basic story is that we are distantly related to a certain singing cowboy from back in the day.  Other Autrey family searchers seem convinced that the story is true, however in my search so far I have been unable to confirm their findings.

Here is what I need to do this week:

1. Stop obsessing over which Cornelius is the likely common ancestor.

2. Don't worry about having a cite for each and every believed fact.
The point of this exercise to to evaluate what I have uncovered,
not to prove something beyond a reasonable doubt.

3. Cover the highlights of the story and whether they mesh with the     facts.

4. Write the summary, no more than two pages, and submit it.

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